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The e-Learning courses offer a great overview of Boston Gear products as well as additional product families from such Altra brands as Warner Electric, Formsprag Clutch and Wichita Clutch.

Once you’ve registered, you can access courses through your personal Homepage. The courses offered are organized in 3 Levels. Each student will be required to successfully complete all prerequisite courses in Level 1 before advancing to courses in Level 2. Level 3 courses also have prerequisites.

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Maintenance Seminars
All Customers

Boston Gear's trainer can come to your location, so that we can can work together to develop customized maintenance seminars for the products you use most.

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Interactive Training
We are pleased that you have joined us online for our series of interactive training sessions. These seminars are meant to give you the tools you need to keep your Boston Gear products in premium operating condition so that your facility can operate at its most efficient.

700 Series Maintenance Seminar

Using BostSpec 2

QC 700 Series Demonstration Video


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