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Markets Served

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Food Processing

Boston Gear has been exceeding the power transmission needs of the food processing industry for over 100 years, with a product range as vast as food manufacturing itself, including all stainless steel speed reducers, stainless-coated and white washdown speed reducers, stainless and washdown duty motors, and NEMA-rated variable speed drives.

Material Handling

Altra Industrial Motion provides the material handling industry a comprehensive line of electro-mechanical products for applications involving the transfer of power, speed change, torque enhancement, stopping, holding, and/or sensing. Familiar and proven brands for material handling applications are Boston Gear, Warner Electric, and Formsprag. Typical products are gear reducers, open gearing, enclosed gear drives, clutches, brakes, motor controllers, AC drives, sensors, switches, and an array of other electro-mechanical components. These products are extensively used in conveyor systems for unit and bulk handling equipment, hoists, cranes, vertical lifts, elevators, moving monorail systems, forklifts and industrial truck applications. Altra Industrial Motion brings together a compelling mix of manufacturing quality, product breadth, application engineering expertise, and large distribution/OEM support network.

Packaging Machinery

Boston Gear has the industry's most comprehensive breadth of product solutions for the packaging machinery and corrugated markets, all under one roof. Boston Gear, is the brand that OEMs and Users alike depend on for reliability and service.

Key applications served include: filling, labeling, sealing, fill-form-and-seal, cartoning, bagging, closing, wrapping, pallet-forming, component handling, capping, and tensioning.

Key product solutions include: standard enclosed gear drives, custom speed reducers, AC/DC motors, AC/DC variable speed drives, Centric brand overload clutches and torque limiters, and other PT components to complete your drive train are available from our sister companies, Warner Electric and Formsprag Clutch.

But what truly differentiates our brands is the service and support each packaging customer receives from all of our associates, including award-winning: customer service, technical support, engineering services, web-based product data and drawings, on-line ordering capabilities, express delivery options, customer training, and much, much more... all with one face to the customer.

At Altra Industrial Motion, we are committed to the packaging market, today and tomorrow. We look forward to working and growing with our customers.

Iron and Steel:
The exacting requirements of the metals industry are met by the products and services offered by divisions within Altra Industrial Motion. Gear couplings, mill spindles and universal joints can be used throughout processes in hot and cold strip mills.
For heavy duty mining, Altra's expertise extends to worldwide markets. With quality service and trouble free performance, count on Altra products to improve your mining efficiencies.
Turf & Garden:
Altra Industrial Motion companies have many years of experience designing and manufacturing electric clutch and clutch/brake units for mower blade drives on walk-behind mowers, lawn tractors, and garden tractors, as well as heavy-duty clutch/brakes for high-end residential and commercial mowers.
Since the 1950s, many Altra companies have been major suppliers of electromagnetic clutches for a number of vehicular applications, including A/C compressor clutches, accessory drive clutches for superchargers and air pumps, cooling fan clutches, agricultural equipment clutches, hydraulic pump clutches, trailer wheel brakes, and wound coil assemblies.
Wastewater Treatment:
Many processes that require high performance products are found in treating wastewater. To simplify the purchasing of these products, choose overload clutches from a trusted supplier, Altra Industrial Motion.
Power Generation:
The tough standards in place for power generation make the Altra family of high performance gear reducer products a natural fit. As subscribers to top of the line quality in our products and services, our family is a perfect match this growing industry.
Pulp and Paper Mills:
Whether you need high performance or general mechanical power transmission equipment for your paper mill, the Altra family of clutches, brakes, speed reducers, motors and gears is sure to offer what you need.
Aerospace and Defense:
Precision products that are required for the aerospace and defense industries are a match for the highly engineered clutches that come from Altra Industrial Motion.


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