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While Boston Gear's planetary motor multiplier can be used as a 5:1 speed reducer/torque multiplier, it can also be used in combination with our 700, 600, 800, and 200 Series reducers. In the latter capacity, it enhances reducer performance without the delay or expense of a custom design, making this an economical alternative to a multi-reduction reducer.

Features and Benefits

  • This motor multiplier increases motor torque incrementally for greater power.
  • It can be used with any 56 C-face gear drive or motor to multiply the ratio by 5:1 for optimal performance.
  • It can also be used as a stand alone unit with optional base kit adding to its versatility.
  • This product's capacity to immediately convert any single reduction C-face gear drive into a double reduction model makes it a uniquely functional component.
  • The planetary spur gear system provides operation that's as smooth as it is quiet.
  • Pre-lubrication for life means quality performance with less maintenance.
  • Overall, the planetary motor multiplier vastly increases inventory flexibility.
  • Because it's available through our Guaranteed Same Day Shipment Program, you can forget about costly downtime.

Sample Applications

  • Use with virtually any NEMA 56C flanged reducer to augment stock ratios and maximize inventory flexibility.
  • Use as a stand alone 5:1 gear drive


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