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Three different series of straight tooth and spiral bevel gear drives are available from Boston Gear. These right-angle gear drives are designed for high capacity, efficiency, quiet operation, and long service life. They can be ordered using Boston Gear's innovative Guaranteed Same Day Shipment Program to ensure rapid delivery.

Features and Benefits

  • These three series of products allow you to get the right gear drive for a specific application:
    • RA Right 90 Series spiral bevel
    • R/VR Series Series spiral bevel
    • R1000 Series straight-tooth bevel
  • A focused range of ratios and shaft configurations meet a broad range of design specifications
  • Washdown-duty models are available to accommodate more demanding environments
  • These complementary products enhance the family's versatility:
    • AC and DC motors
    • Couplings and universal joints
    • Adjustable speed drives
    • Overload clutches
  • The industry's most responsive delivery program means downtime is minimized.

Sample Applications

  • Farm industry machinery
  • Material handling equipment
  • Textile machinery
  • Packaging equipment
  • Specialty machinery


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